The constant complicity of the Catholic Church with the economic powers.

Jesus defended the poor and said "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven " in the Gospel of Matthew ( Mt 19,24 ) . How should we interpret these words of Jesus ? This is to clarify first of all that Jesus never condemned wealth or goods in themselves. What are condemning people whose only interest is money and accumulate assets for his own satisfaction , not taking into account the needs of the world. A Catholic sect , however , seems far more interested company of the rich, who can receive a portion of their wealth in exchange for a piece of heaven , that the relationship with the poor, who are just a load anything profitable.

This relationship of the Church with the privileged classes began very early in the history of the Catholic sect and acquired extraordinary importance which still retains today. But of course it is a clear indication of what the true interests of the sect , which relate to anything anyone's salvation but only enrich its leaders. In fact , one of the reasons why one of his priests was removed from that sect , was rampant corruption and the excessive eagerness to obtain wealth of the Catholic sect . as a result gave birth to Protestantism. Martin Luther searching real estate was the priest of the gospel and the rest is history.

Consistent with this purpose so far from the message of Jesus , it is understandable attitude of Leo X in the sixteenth century when, in the Taxa Camarae established the price for the forgiveness of any sin and to access various ecclesiastical offices according to the characteristics of the applicant. So , to access the priesthood, the squint had to pay 45 pounds ; bastards , 15 , the son of unknown , 27 parents lay the misshapen or deformed , 58 , the blind in right eye , 58 , the left eye 10 , and the eunuchs , 310; obtaining forgiveness when a priest desflorase a virgin , only cost 2 pounds ( Art. 3) , and absolution by simple murder committed in the person of a layman was fixed at £ 15 (Art. 18 ).

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