Five kills passions that do not let you enjoy YOUR SEXUAL LIFE!

1 - Lack of desire: It is common in women with a stable partner. The most often consulted are between 30 and 50 and take a long time as a couple. The routine, fatigue, parenting, the few moments alone with the other, make a combo explosive results in a complete lack of desire when the sexual encounter. Then before the proposal appear husband " I'm exhausted, but today no, later , my head hurts, I can no more " , or simply indifference. Another common situation of " lack of desire " is between women who are economically dependent on their partners. When the man handles the money, when she has to ask permission even to buy a wallet, when man consultation on key issues of home management (switch the car but did not buy a new washing machine) the bed becomes the ideal ground where she "passed bills."


2 - Infidelity: Is a direct consequence, many times, the previous problem. Today there is much among men as among women. The man , feeling rejected systematically, looking "out" you do not have at home. But the reality is that for some years the ladies also found in the co-worker, neighbor or childhood friend " ear " for his troubles, the attention does not give the husband, the pampering that are missing daily .


3 - Premature ejaculation: It occurs in males of all ages but increased consultations among the young. Is a disorder orgasm phase. Some ejaculate even before penetration, others do it a few seconds after intercourse. Most men experience it at some point in their lives. It becomes a real problem when it appears on a frequent basis. The causes are diverse. May have its origin in the way in which the male has masturbated lifetime (in a quick and caused by particular image). It is curable.


4 - Impotence: It is not given that name professionally. Today we talk about sexual dysfunction or erection failure. You may have physical or psychological causes. It can occur after age 40. Anxiety, stress, trauma or simply the passage of time can generate. There are techniques you can implement a couple to overcome. Beyond Viagra, remains a subject of frequent consultation sexological clinics.


5 - She reaches orgasm: More and more women are turning to a professional to deal with this problem. It is the inability to reach orgasm during intercourse. It causes shame, lack of desire, fear. Some suffer for years and do not dare to speak. It usually occurs due to lack of sex education information and, ultimately, through ignorance. Even ladies 50 years and older, first discovered in the consultation sexological, where have the clitoris. Only 25 percent of women reach orgasm during intercourse, the other for stimulation. Most people do not know.

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